Mark Wu
User Experience Designer

Unwrapt - Personalised Digital Film Gifting

Optimising checkout on a new platform to gift digital film to increase sales

Unwrapt - Personalised Digital Film Gifting


With DVD sales declining and digital consumption increasing, NCBUniversal were looking to grow the market for digital ownership. Unwrapt was created to enable customers to gift a film from any studio and receivers to redeem and download on any platform (e.g. iTunes, Sky Store or Google Play).

The UX challenge lay in explaining the proposition and then taking customers through a seamless experience in gifting and receiving digital film. The challenge was met across the whole project but for the sake of this case study, only a part of the project is explained.

Unwrapt - Personalised Digital Film Gifting


To get customers gifting, the existing checkout experience had to be optimised to create a frictionless experience. Early testing had shown that some customers were confused about how gifts were sent (via a link to download that they send or Unwrapt could send on their behalf) and so could stall during the checkout process.

My Role

I led the UX process working closely with the Product Owner and Product Designer on optimising the checkout.
  • Led the UX on a mobile-first approach to the service
  • Established a UX approach to deliver insights with data to create informed outcomes
  • Delivered stakeholder-friendly UX assets from test results to wireframes
  • Presented proposals and outcomes to NBCUniversal Executives


  • Desk Research
  • User Stories, Journeys & Flows
  • Wireframe Prototypes
  • Think Aloud Usability Study
Unwrapt - Personalised Digital Film Gifting

Customer Personas

Unwrapt was targeted at millennials who are prolific, spontaneous gifters. They gift to spread joy and make people feel good whilst broadcasting their good deeds on social. The checkout process included options for social sharing of purchases (without revealing the gift itself!) and covered scenarios for different persona types such as the first time customer and serial gift buyer.


User journeys were mapped out to analyse and improve the existing checkout. Gift delivery options were re-considered and the flow assumed customers were new with returning customers sidestepping to sign in (if they were not already signed in). Two user flows were developed into prototypes created using

Unwrapt - Personalised Digital Film Gifting
Unwrapt - Personalised Digital Film Gifting

Qualitative Feedback

Prototypes were tested via a think aloud study with recorded screen videos showing how customers used the checkout and which version they preferred. The two prototypes were tested by eight users who were asked to test as both a first time and a returning customer.


We thought that the least number of clicks would move customers quicker to payment but the research revealed the opposite and that the step by step approach was more usable. Separate steps were simpler to understand, especially the delivery options, and gave customers confidence in the status of their progress making them more likely to complete their digital film gift purchase.

Unwrapt - Personalised Digital Film Gifting