Mark Wu
User Experience Designer

Hayu - Surfacing TV

Optimising content discovery on an SVOD service to reduce customer churn

Hayu - Surfacing TV
Hayu - Surfacing TV


A year after NBCUniversal launched their first consumer subscription-video-on-demand (SVOD) platform on web, apps and TV, too many customers were churning. Viewer behaviour analytics revealed that very few shows were watched before customers churned.

My Role

I was responsible for leading the UX process to define how content would be made more discoverable.
  • Led the UX direction with two technical partners: the developers of the web, iOS and Android apps and the developers of the TV apps
  • Delivered stakeholder-friendly UX assets from test results to wireframes
  • Presented proposals and outcomes to NBCUniversal Executives
  • Facilitated team and stakeholder workshops


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Workshops
  • MoSCoW Prioritisation
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Preference Tests


It was thought that if customers found more content they wanted to watch, especially if it was offered to them at the right time, they would continue to subscribe. The initial thinking therefore was to increase discoverability of a greater variety of content, related to what they already watch, more often.

Hayu - Surfacing TV


A discovery workshop with business and product team members helped to understand business requirements, gather existing knowledge and create a plan. A design studio then resulted in lots of initial ideas, some informed by competitor analysis, others by experience and knowledge of the existing site and apps.

Hayu - Surfacing TV


All the approaches were prioritised by stakeholders using the MoSCoW method on Trello, where further definition was also added. This helped to focus efforts on the ideas more likely to happen.

Hayu - Surfacing TV

Technical Feasibility

A second workshop with the wider Hayu team and external partners added the practicalities of each approach, platforms involved and the people responsible.

Hayu - Surfacing TV

Testing Ideas with Customers

Shortlisted, prioritised ideas that were realistic to do were tested to check their engagement with customers and to improve the designs.

Hayu - Surfacing TV

Defining User Experience

Wireframes documented the UX and helped the Hayu team and the different partners involved understand and work on the changes required. Some ideas were specified across the responsive website and apps and the wireframes had to bring these together and communicate the consistency required to different partners.


Signage to content that customers were more likely to watch was optimised. Unwatched but relevant content was surfaced. Overall, design improvements exposed customers to more content and contributed to greater discoverability and diversity of video content consumed by each customer. More content consumed translated into a higher number of ongoing subscriptions.

Hayu - Surfacing TV